June 8, 2012

Free BYU Independent Study Courses

Learning makes you feel good doesn't it? You feel accomplished, less "in the dark", more able to take on your daily life with better understanding and capacity. You can better avoid those awkward conversations where you have nothing to contribute. It can be a pain but then it can also be enjoyable commiserating with fellow learners.

Picture Courtesy: Mind Petals.com

I'm pretty sure most people would call me a nerd for that paragraph...

Anywho, learning can unfortunately be extremely pricey. That is why I was ridiculously excited (just pin a nerd pin on my chest, apparently it belongs there) when I found FREE online independent study classes from BYU! Woohoo!

They aren't graded and therefore do not provide any college credit, BUT you get some quality teaching on some great subjects for $0. Verrrrrry niiiiiiice.

So, what do they offer? You can check it out HERE at the BYU Independent Study website. 

I'm starting off with their personal finance course and it's been great so far.

Making something of myself for zero moola? Oh, I Got This!

June 4, 2012

Free Printable Planner: Monthly Calendars

This is the third and final part of the planner! I've got the months of June and July here and let me tell you making a planner is hard work. A new admiration for those who create the things has blossomed inside of me.

Print Me :)
Print Me :)
Feeling more organized? Me too :)

June 2, 2012

Free Printable Planner: Master To-Do and Shopping Lists

This is the second installment of the free planner! I like to have a master to-do list to plan my days out from and a master shopping list to plan my shopping trips from. It makes it so I don't forget anything (which makes life a lot less frustrating).

Print Me :)

Print Me :)
More pages are still to come so keep checking back!

Making my life less frustrating? Oh, I Got This!