About Me

Growing up in Texas my time was spent studying, doing school plays, keeping up with church activities, or enjoying the Houston heat. While studying acting at Brigham Young University I met my Mr. Perfect (green eyes and all), married him, and moved into a basement apartment in Utah. 
Then in February of 2011 we moved into a new home and in May I became a Mom. A whole house to take care of and no job to hide behind, I suddenly came to a distressing knowledge of my lack of homemaking skills:
Cooking? Monday: ground beef, Tuesday: ground beef, Wednesday: canned soup, Thursday: chicken! - just kidding, it's ground beef.
Cleaning? Is there some special technique to sweeping or wait a second, there are homes that don't have dishwashers?! And my dryer doesn't actually dry, now what?
Babies? Well I think I baby sat somewhere back in the stone age but I don't really remember.
Budgeting? *sound of brain functions melting down*

Sewing, decorating, and all other homemaking facets followed this same dismal pattern. 

After a short period of wallowing and making ridiculous comparisons to the sturdy "pioneers", I gathered up what pride I had left and charged forward into the lemon-scented, dime-saving, diaper-changing, recipe-rounding, homemaking life. There have been stumbles (how was I supposed to know a stove could catch fire like that?), but definitive steps have been made forward. I no longer feel useless, but rather able and ready for the challenges that motherhood brings. My mission? Helping other homemakers out of the "I can't do this" days. My motto? Oh, I Got This! and so do You!

Some of my random interests: singing along with Journey songs, making up silly words, experiencing new things, being out of doors, finding different ways to make my son giggle, acquiring new skills. 
A few of my favorite things: macaroni and cheese, the color yellow, country music, Pride and Prejudice the movie, 1800's era books.