May 28, 2012

Less Annoying (and More Cheap) Baby Proofing

Recently my son has discovered the ever flowing amount of trouble he can tap into behind the no longer elusive cabinets. For the first while I was running around trying to block or close the doors but that method proved inefficient and tiring (though amusing for my family I think). But I have been to homes where those little baby door locks are in use and it's so annoying! I would just about rather keep up the running around.

Thankfully my Mom came up with this wonderful idea:

So you know those Velcro damage-free picture hanging strips you can buy? Yeah, those work amazing for warding off baby pilfering. 
All you do is buy a pack (ranging from 3-7 dollars depending on how many are in the package- I used the Command brand) ,cut them in half, and place the loop side (the fuzzy side) on the cabinet where the door shuts...
 ...and the hook side (the non-fuzzy side) on the actual cabinet door.
Instead of having to take five minutes to get the flour you needed ten minutes ago by fiddling with baby locks, you can now take seconds with this trick. You do need to be sure you close the doors well though or the Velcro won't stick super strong. 

Making life with a baby easier? Oh, I Got This!


  1. I might have to give this a try! I have a two year that can unlock the normal baby proof stuff!!

    1. Wow, that's a problem. Hope this works out for you!