November 6, 2014


No, I did not die. I did however happen to fall into the blogging pit that millions of other fickle individuals fall into- the Pit of Nothingnesssssssss (I imagined that with a dramatic echo attached to it, feel free to add it for effect). Anyways, the point is that I am here today and this is what is up:

My daughter (update: I have a daughter) said what I am counting as her official first word today! She has said Mama, Dada, and Ball but those are every baby's first words so I do not think they particularly count. Her official first word was


and boy does my baby love shoes. She steals shoes, eats shoes, sticks her feet in most shoes, and now says shoe. I was pretty excited, she was excited to be in her shoes. 

Something else my little wild woman loves is drinking water from her high chair like know I am not really sure what else sucks water up like she does. I'm thinking elephant but she doesn't suck it up her nose most of the time so...yeah I am not sure but this is what it looks like:

And this is her geeking out in between her 'drinking':

She thinks it is just the funniest thing and I think it is how she actually ends up consuming the most water because she just chews on sippy cups most of the time and if you hand her a normal little cup she tucks it in her arm like a football. Or pours it on her tray for full enjoyment and slurping. 

Kids are cute, Kids are sweet, 
They're a lot of work
but it's hard to beat
the joy you get
in the little feats