April 11, 2012

Peeps Jousting

Peeps seem to be an Easter essential but to tell you the truth I'm not the biggest fan of sugar coated sugar fluff- taste wise anyways. So what do you do with the little thingers? My usual after Easter tradition is to let them sit on my counter for however long it takes for me to not feel guilty just throwing them out. A companion my husband had while on his mission (for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) had a much better idea. PEEPS JOUSTING!

Peeps + Toothpicks + Microwave = Mallowmazingness!

Arm them, place them, and heat 'em up then watch as the little birdies grow into big birdies and one Peep gets punctured. The victor is named and the tourny continues! Sooooo much better than letting your Peeps turn into raisins on the counter.

Multi-colored toothpicks (so you can tell  who's is who's)
Microwaveable plate

How to Joust:
1. Choose your color of toothpick and pierce your Peep. Jousting works best when the toothpick is placed more in the center of the Peep, not too far in, and at a lower angle.

2. Place the newly knighted Peeps facing each other and a few inches apart on your plate, then put your plate in the microwave.

3. If your microwave has a light turn it on to make them easier to see, if not you can see them fine without. Let them joust for about 1-2 minutes and watch as they fight valiantly for their honor while turning into obese Peeps. When one of them gets punctured they generally deflate or ooze out marshmallow goo so it is really very exciting.

Have a tournament with your siblings, make it a cheap date night, or just be silly with your spouse. Who knew Peeps could make for such sport?

Celebrating a new after Easter tradition while giving Peeps a purpose? Oh, I Got This!

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  1. Ha! This makes me laugh because we were Peeps Jousting this weekend! It's so funny! And I'm with you...ewww ewww ewww. Peeps are so gross. But fun to joust. :)

    1. Aren't they?! I've never liked the taste. Happy to find a fellow jouster!

  2. This makes me laugh! Love it!

    1. Little marshmallow chicks jousting with toothpicks is pretty amusing isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Haha! I've never ever heard of that, but you're right, Peeps are not one of my favorites, and this would be a great way to destroy, I mean use them.:)

    1. Destruction!!...Um...in a fun way!! Thanks for the comment Shiloh :)