March 6, 2012

Scrapbooking On A Dime

Scrapbooking. I shiver just hearing the word. Scissors, mounds of colorful paper, stickers, little pin things, hole punches, trimmings, fancy markers, and all sorts of other intimidating visions come to my brain. How on this lovely planet are you ever supposed to keep up with scrapbooking if you are making every tiny detail Martha Stewart worthy? Some women do it. I am not one of them. But I still want to record my family's special moments and such. So what is the answer?


I got the basic idea from my husband's mom (genius). It's much cheaper, faster, and less taxing. This is my Simple Scrapbook for my son:

All you need is a three ring binder, page protectors, colored paper or card stock, markers, and cards you have received.
I saved all the cards given to me from the baby shower before my son was born and any other cards since then to use for scrapbooking. Here are some examples:

Going back to one of the first pages, you can see that I used quite a bit of one card:

This scrapbook does not take up all of my Saturdays. It takes a few minutes and a few dollars for the paper. Scrapbooking on a dime? Oh, I got this!

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